Fun on the Farm

Creative Hands - On The Farm Bundle - Farm Animal Craft Kit - Arts And Crafts For Kids - 6 Items


On The Farm Bundle - Kids Craft Kit:Including Items

  • Mosaic Horse
  • Pixel Art Froggy
  • 1 Pack Foam Stickers Farm Animals
  • 1 Pack Cow Kit
  • 1 Pack Pig Kit and More

Our line of kids craft kits have been lovingly designed to keep your children entertained and encourage their creativity. These felt crafts for kids are soft to the touch so you don’t have to worry about paper cuts. All of the necessary materials are pre-cut - they are so much fun and easy to put together!

If your child has a fascination with farm animals, this is the bundle for you! The soft craft felt animals and stickers come in a variety of colors and are ready to be decorated. Let your child's imagination run wild with the easy to build farm animal stickers kit. The bright and colorful Peel & Stick Primary Felt Sheet pack will spark their creativity and help them make a beautiful barn for all their farm animals. This On The Farm Bundle also includes horse mosaic craft kits, which is great for developing the child’s fine motor skills and get your farm animals sticker and mosaic crafts for kids bundle en route to your kids today!