Group Activities

Create your own puppet jungle friends

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Have a wild puppet show with this puppet friends kit. Everything you need to make 24 puppets included, and no glue is needed! Makes 8 each of elephants, lions, and gorillas. One bonus completed puppet is included.

3 in 1 kit-butterflies and dragonfiles


Everything you need to make fun signs is included in this kit! No glue needed. Foam sheets, letters, and butterfly/dragonfly shapes are all included waiting for your design.

Door Hangers


These foam door hangers are the perfect start to your door hanger project. Made from soft foam, they hold up unlike paper or cardstock. Both sides can be decorated.

Foam Shape stack Butterflies


New thick foam adds stability and durability to your project. Decorate these 8 foam butterfly bases to create a perfect spring feeling.

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Foam Shape Stack Ghosts


A great start to any Halloween craft project.  Our Ghosts are perfectly cute and spooky, and ready to decorate!

Foam Shape Stack Pumpkin


A great start to any Halloween craft project.  Our Pumpkins are ready to decorate.  Your imagination is the limit!

Monster Maker-Makes 16

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Who says monsters can't be cute and cuddly?   Everything you need is included to make 16 monsters out of poms, chenille, and foam.  The best part?  No glue needed for no-mess crafting!

Owls Kit Makes 20


Whoooo is this project great for? You! This kit makes 20 adorable owls to share with friends. Wings are soft and fuzzy! No glue needed for no-mess crafting

Paper Shapes Boy and Girl


These paper shapes are so much fun! Cutouts of boys and girls measure 8.5" tall, and are made of durable cardstock. Plain white to decorate however you want! A cute project for a classroom.

Sparkle Hugs Craft kit

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How do you describe a hug? Warm, fuzzy, and incredibly cute! This kit has everything you need to make a cute hug to give to someone special. Make 20 adorable critters!

Superhero Masks -Makes 8


It's time to be your own kind of superhero!   Everything you need is included in this kit to make your own unique superhero masks.   Kit includes material to make 8 masks, so you can form your own superhero league with your friends.

Americana USA Shape Foam Stack- 8pc


This is the perfect base for your patriotic project!  Thick foam cutouts of the U.S.A., in a big stack of 8 pieces.  Great for group projects and parties.  Pack includes 3 blue, 3 white, and 2 red.  Shapes are 9 inches wide and 6 inches high.

Americana Foam Sheets -12 pc Red/White/Blue


Foam sheets are perfect for posters, projects, anything you can think of!  Our patriotic pack of 12 foam sheets, are assorted red, white, and blue, and measure 8.75 x 11.75 inches.

Americana Star Shape Stack-35 pc.- Red/White/Blue


Perfect for classroom projects or parties, this stack of 35 foam stars are the perfect base for your next project.  Assorted red, white, and blue stars measure 6.75 inches.

Americana Tinsel Poms and Chenille


This is the big one.  The big pack of crafting essentials especially for your patriotic projects!  Chenille stems, tinsel stems, and sparkly poms let you craft to your heart's delight!