Creative Hands - Happy Camper Kit Bundle - Arts and Crafts for Kids - 5 Items


Happy Camper Kit Bundle - Kids Craft Kit:Including Items

  • 1 Collage Kit for Kids
  • 1 Woodlands Origami Kit for Kids
  • 40 Woodlands Stickers
  • 1 Activity Filled Happy Camper Book

Our line of kids craft kits have been lovingly designed to keep your children entertained and encourage their creativity. The Happy Camper sticker activity books for kids and woodland animal stickers are all pre-made not only to keep children engaged but also to make sure that they are as safe as possible while playing.

If your child has a fascination with woodland creatures, then you absolutely have to buy this bundle! The Happy Camper Bundle Kit comes with a sticker activity set, origami kit, a frog-making kit, and a lot of stickers that are just ready to use anytime and anywhere. Nurture your child’s imagination with the Happy Camper Bundle Kit and get one of these bundles en route to your kids today!