Woodland Wonderland

Creative Hands - Stamping Bundle - Woodland Stamp Kit - Arts and Crafts for Kids - 4 Items


Stamping Bundle - Kids Craft Kit:Including Items

  • 1 Pack Each of Woodland Stamp Kit and Ocean Stamp Kit
  • 1 Dolphin
  • Animal Fish Stickers Set
  • 1 Set of Woodland Animal Stickers
  • Our line of kids craft kits have been lovingly designed to keep your children entertained and encourage their creativity. These small animal stamps come in washable non-toxic ink pads to make sure that your kids are as safe as possible. All of the necessary materials are pre-cut and they are so much fun and easy to stick wherever!

    If your child has a fascination with woodland or ocean animals or animals in general, then this is a must-buy bundle! These adorable animal stamps for kids come in a wide range of colors and are ready to stick anywhere anytime. Nurture your child’s imagination with this easy to use and non-toxic animal sticker set. The 100 different pieces part of the Stamping Bundle will spark their creativity and help them create their own utopia where animals can run freely wherever they want and get your stamping kit for kids bundle en route to your kids today!